This site is a gathering place of my thoughts and ideas. More importantly, it is a place where I attempt to consolidate and organize my online footprint for future preservation. Like many people, I have come to realize that dumping mindshare into platforms I dont have direct control over is a fools errand. At best you lose your work as companies are bought and sold, at worst your content is used in ways you would have never authorized in the first place.

My interests are scattershot for sure. Right now, most of my writing centers around rehabbing a home I bought with my wife, grappling with how the political landscape has pushed me out of the mainstream, vegan cooking, struggles with depression, and my health. Another theme that crops up a lot across my writing is being disillusioned with the Free Software Movement, while also having an inait unwillingness to use corporate platforms.

The best way to reach me is via Mastodon