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Who are you? The name is Dave Hood. I live in Vermont and am married. I am originally from Western Mass. I have a day job, but I rarely mention it. I am pretty big Celtics fan and am a longtime vegetarian.

What is the purpose of this site? Primarily this is a personal site for me to collect information about my interests. This could be what I am personally doing or things I find interesting that others are doing. I find it helpful to have a website to refer to in my own life and if it benefits others all the better.

What are these interests? Its always shifting, but the constants are gardening, hiking, and technology. I have a garden plot that is about 20'x25' and I also pitch in with a local historical garden. I've always enjoyed hiking, but mostly just day hikes. That said, in the past few years I've begun doing multi-day section hikes of Vermont's Long Trail. One day I hope to do a through hike of it. I enjoy learning about software and hardware. I have a small collection of vintage hardware and like old computer games.Check out the associated pages for the specifics.

What is your "daily driver" technology set-up? I have two laptops for starters. My main system is Thinkpad X200 Tablet, circa 2008, and its currently running Debian Buster. I do most of my online research, bills, budgeting, geneology, and other things that benefit from the bigger screen on it. My second laptop is an Eee PC 900a with an 8.9 inch screen purchased around the same time, it runs Puppy Linux. I like this one for its portability and ironically I do most of my personal writing on it. I do have a tablet, ereader, and smartphone as well. I don't use the tablet much. The ereader is an old Sony model I love, so much so when my original died I replaced it with a nearly identical model. My smartphone is a Motorola E5 Charge, its as basic as you can get. I use it for news/podcasts primarily beyond the normal communication stuff.

Gnu/Linux huh? Why is you tech so old? I have a strong streak of yankee thrift running through my blood. I refuse to replace things that work fine and get the job done. That is what really got me using Gnu/linux in the first place, it does a great job keeping my machines humming along, and usable long after Microsoft bailed.

So are you like a free software zealot? I notice you don't link to commercial sites. I use free and open source software because it works and keeps my old tech running longer. It also insures I own my data, ownership is important to me. I do have a strong hatred of ads, trackers, and other tools of commercial sites that like to say their "free". I'm cool with paying for things as long as I really own them and that those tools are not employed if I pay. Most commercial sites don't do that, so I tend to try to find ways around suporting technologies like trackers and ads that are an afront to my values. That said I am not a nutty person that runs everything through Tor either. Its a great tool for serious reporters or dissidents, but totally unnecessary for me.

I notice you have spelling and grammar errors, whats up with that? I have created this entire site in a plain text editor, specifically Leafpad. I find that I create more and better content when I don't get hung up on editing. I do reread through things and make corrections regularly, but because this is a personal site I am not too concerned with small errors. I am not a perfectionist and rarely get along with people who are. But, if you see something I haven't caught for a long time, feel free to reach out.

How does one get in contact with you? If you'd like to contact me, my email is djhood17 at icloud.com. Please be patient, I do not check this email address daily, and it is the one I give out to keep spam out of my real email. Besides email this site is hosted on Neocites, if you are a member of it you are welcome to reach out to me via their internal communication tools, my user name is davidh. I do not have any traditional social networks, though I do have a Mastodon profile I update with some frequency.

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