Coming to Terms with my Thoughts on Design

Over the course of many years, many sites, and many web application suites I have struggled. In my head I have a very clear vision of what pages should look like and how they should work. As time goes on though, I find myself adding things that seem to advance my vision...but end up just fouling the waters instead.

Lately, I have been diving deep into the trenches of the internet to better understand how designers keep themselves honest. In these readings I have seen much, some even resonates with my own predilictions. The designers who most echoed my feelings had dedicated a whole page to just laying bare their outlooks, sources of inspiration, and lessons they came to through error. I felt it was high time I undertook a similar approach.

Technical Preferences

Before designing a page I often write out my standards for how the page will function, what systems it will support, what types of tools I will use, and most importantly what the page won't do. In personal projects I am rather brutally simply in both tools and technology because the content on the page is far more important than the look of the page to me.

My Strongest Preferences

I truly believe the web was designed for everyone to learn and share ideas as effortlessly as possible. That has gotten lost as more complicated technology has rolled out. A child should be able to create a basic html-only page such as this one after less than 5 minutes of instruction. It is not the page that matters or the "comunity" it connects to, what matters are the ideas expressed on the page. The whole of the internet is already the community you are reaching.

Layout and Design Preferences

With my technical values and desire to reach people even with the most rudimentary set-ups many of my design decisions are made for me in many respects. At the same time there is a method to my madness and a clear look I seek in everything I do. I tend to just natural gravitate to it, but a more deliberate hashing out of those views is the whole point of this page

My Strongest Preferences

page created on 11/2/2018