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For me, microblogging started long before the term was coined. Back in the 1990s I had a section of my Geocities site devoted to short form writing. I named it after the military term for Situation Report even though AAR (After Action Report) would have been more accurate. Posts would either be one-offs or what was more likely a pithy summation of my week. Though Mastodon largely fills this role for one offs, I do not find it ideal for plus size short form reflections even though it has the capability. Thats what this page is for.

Week Ending September 11th, 2021

This week centered around my father-in-law staying with us. What was orignally supposed to be a week has turned into two. He is a delightful house guest, but being an introvert the disruption is still impacting me. He and my wife leave to visit other family early Friday morning next week and it will be just me and the dog for a week. It'll be a welcome recharge and refocus opportunity.

My officemate was on vacation this week and it was a boon to my productivity for the most part. He is an enjoyable person, but we don't get much work done when we are both there. Overall, it was a quiet week; a small fit of wanting to plan a new career goal notwithstanding. I feel a bit stuck at work, but not enough to do something about it. Still, I have been in this job longer than I would have liked. I just can't decide what would be a good next step.

Two new contributions to my tech collection came this week. I won an auction for an Apple QuickTake 200 camera and another for a Sony TC-150 personal cassette recorder. I had the later as a child and made many recording on it, I think its the wellspring that started my interest in keeping track of my daily happenings long before blogs or sites like this one existed. It joins another recorder and I plan to encorporate cassette recording into my normal output in the next couple weeks. The camera completes my QuickTake collection, I now own all three models.

The earlier two QuickTake models fell into my lap, but its this one I am excited about. Sadly, even though it was complete with original box, software, and paperwork one crucial part was missing when it arrived. This was one of the first mass produced digital cameras with removable storage and that storage was missing. The QuickTake 200 uses Smartmedia, first generation Smartmedia though. That means it needs to be a card rated for 5 volts and in a size of either 2 or 4 megs. These cards were only used on the earliest cameras from like three companies, all later Smartmedia devices are rated for less than 5 volts making the cards incompatible with each other. The search is on, but so far the only ones I have found would cost more than I paid for the camera. Right now I am focusing on auctions for other cameras that use the same card, hoping that one is included without having to pay the Apple mark-up.

Lifelogging has always interested me, but I never got into it when it was popular. Mid-week I go a bit too high and ended up winning an auction for a wearble camera for life logging. I paid so little that I went ahead with the purchase and will give that a wirl in the coming weeks.

Week Ending September 4th, 2021

Like some many weeks before it, this one started off with promise, only to devolve. I thought I had nailed down a good morning routine and the first couple days went really well. I got a lot done and didnt feel like I was slowly sinking into the abyss like I normally do.

After a packed day on Tuesday, I decided to do a round of disc golf on the way home. In the course of doing this I ended up smacking my head on a rock necessitating six stitches right above my eye. Though I tried not to let this derail me, it did. The rest of the week was a blur while I struggled with pain and swelling all while foolishly not taking a day off from work to collect myself.

As the week closes I feel much better. My wife took the stitches out today, the swelling is nearly gone, and the pain is completely manageable. My father in law is staying with us this coming week, but I do feel I can get back on the horse so to speak.